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About the Author

I studied philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh and am every bit as wealthy as this distinction suggests.  Still, philosophy is better than your major and I’m not one bit bitter that you all can’t seem to get that through your thick skulls. Here are some things that I think are fun:

Nathan Zimmerman

The I or he or it (the thing) which thinks.

  1. Philosophy
  2. A good argument
  3. Coffee
  4. Technology
  5. ^Its effects
  6. Science
  7. The 1)  of 6)

Also, as the philosophically inclined are wont, I fiddle around with some artificial languages. When I get around to it, I’ll use that knowledge to give this blog a proper makeover and its own little spot on a private server so that I might tinker more freely.

  1. def got to have coffee on any list!

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