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About uselesspraxis

I am told that a successful blogger will have a ‘focused’ set of topics.

It appears that I will not be a successful blogger: this is a philosophy page, which means that I’m going to talk about (and ultimately argue about) whatever I damn well please. If you like that, good. If you do not, then you should get back to the porn search that brought you here.
Truthfully, I hope that you enjoy the site and think about something that you might not have otherwise. So c’mon back now, y’hear?

A note on the use of this blog: the writing here is heavily experimental. Make sure that you–AT LEAST–hover over the hyperlinks to get a sense of what they have to offer. If you see that it’s a Wikipedia article on a topic that you’re familiar with, then, by all means, skip it. If not, maximum enjoyment is simply not possible unless you look at the associated content.

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